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Tired of putting your heart and soul into content that doesn't get the attention it deserves?

Fam is here to change that.

Reward your followers and subscribers
for every time they engage with your content, from Twitter Spaces and posts to videos and more.

Watch your engagement skyrocket as they actively engage.


Empower your community with a dynamic rewards system!

Fam lets you create custom rewards your members can redeem in your dedicated Marketplace. The more they engage, the more points they earn, allowing them to climb the Leaderboard and unlock these exciting rewards.

Events Calendar

Simplify your event management and keep your communities informed with Fam's seamless calendar and Discord integration.

Here's how it works:

Plan your events:
Create and manage your event calendar directly within Fam, including details like date, time, location, and description.

Sync with Discord: Connect your Fam to your Discord channel, enabling automatic event updates and synchronization.

Community stays informed: All events created on Fam will automatically appear in your chosen Discord channel, keeping your community notified and engaged.

Member Profiles

Fam empowers your members to showcase their unique achievements and engagement activities through customizable profiles.

Here's how it works:Personalized profiles: Each member can create a unique profile that reflects their interests and contributions to the community.

Displaying achievements: Showcase earned badges, completed challenges, and climbed ranks on leaderboards, highlighting individual accomplishments.

Engagement activities: Track and display participation in discussions, events, and other activities, demonstrating dedication to the community.

Personal touch: Add individual flair with profile pictures, bios, and personalized descriptions, fostering a sense of community ownership and belonging.


Empower your members to form deeper connections and explore shared interests by creating Clubs within your NFT or Web3 community!

Here's how it works:Create and manage Clubs:
Easily establish Clubs based on specific NFT traits, derivatives, or any other relevant criteria.

Member-driven ownership: Club members can contribute to shaping their Club's identity, fostering a sense of ownership and belonging.

Community Map

Ever wondered where your amazing community members are located? Or maybe you're curious about the best times to post content so everyone can see it?

With Fam's Community Map, you can do just that and so much more!

Here's how it works:See your community come alive: Visualize your members' locations across the globe on an interactive map.

Uncover hidden patterns: Analyze your members' activity based on their location and time zone

Connect on their terms: Schedule announcements and content based on your community's active times, ensuring your message reaches them when they're awake and ready to engage.

Make informed decisions: Leverage data-driven insights to make strategic choices about event scheduling, content creation, and community outreach.

Find the answers you need

What does it mean to be a chosen project?

Being a chosen project on Fam signifies that your project has been recognized for its potential and impact within the Web3 community.

Here are some specific benefits of being a chosen project:

Enhanced Visibility:You receive a verification badge for your Fam, highlighting your project's legitimacy and credibility to the community.You get featured on Fam's platform and social media channels, expanding your reach and attracting new users.

Exclusive Access:You enjoy one month of free access to Fam's premium features, allowing you to unlock powerful tools and functionalities that further enhance your community engagement and management.You gain access to exclusive workshops, webinars, and resources tailored to chosen projects, providing you with valuable insights and strategies for building thriving communities.

Community Building:You join a network of other chosen projects, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual support.You benefit from insights and best practices shared by other successful communities within Fam's ecosystem.Overall, being a chosen project is an opportunity to unlock significant growth and success for your Web3 project. It signifies a close partnership with Fam, allowing you to leverage its powerful tools and resources to build a vibrant and engaged community.

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How long do my chosen project benefits last?

Create your Fam today and enjoy unrestricted access to its core features – forever! To help you get started, we're offering one month of Fam Premium for free. This unlocks a treasure trove of community gamification and management features designed to take your engagement to the next level.

Here's what the Premium tier will unlock:

Ignite friendly competition and motivate your community with rewarding leaderboards.

Marketplace: Create a thriving economy within your community by enabling reward redemption and member-to-member sales.

More Admin Seats: Empower your team to manage your community efficiently with additional admin seats.

And much more!

Once your free month ends, don't worry! We'll be there to support you every step of the way. We'll connect with you to discuss your specific needs and find the perfect Fam plan to keep your community growing and thriving.
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I'm interested in integrating Fam's API because I want to integrate Fam's functionality into our interface. Is this possible? 

Ready to take your community engagement to the next level? Fam API is here to help!
This powerful tool is designed for growing and established projects looking to track engagement across Twitter, Discord, Youtube, and Telegram all in one place.

Here's what Fam API offers:

Comprehensive engagement tracking:
Monitor your community's activity across various platforms, gain valuable insights, and optimize your strategy.

Streamlined workflow: Forget managing multiple tools and platforms. Fam API centralizes everything, saving you time and effort.

Cost-effective solution: Compared to building custom tools or seeking multiple solutions, Fam API offers a much more affordable way to manage your community.

Enhanced functionality: Unlock all the features of Fam, including leaderboards, rewards, and gamification features.

Fam API is perfect for:

• Projects with established communities seeking to improve engagement.
• Teams looking to optimize their community management strategy.
• Project leaders wanting an all-in-one solution for community engagement tracking.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your community? Contact us today to learn more about Fam API and discover how it can help you achieve your goals!

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What does the Leaderboard track?

Fam tracks every click, like, and chat.
No more juggling multiple tools!

Fam tracks engagement across your favorite platforms, including:

Twitter: Likes, mentions, retweets, quote tweets, replies, and even Spaces participation (attendance, hosting, speaking).

Discord: Messages, reactions, replies, event hosting, and calendar event creation and attendance.

Online and offline events: Calendar event creation, calendar event registration

Telegram: Messages and reactions
Youtube: Comments, likes, and shares

But it doesn't stop there! Fam goes beyond the basics by tracking unique activities like: Hosting Discord events. Creating and attending online calendar events in your Fam. Registering attendance for calendar events on Fam.

With Fam, you have a complete picture of your community's engagement across all platforms. Monitor engagement, identify trends, and make informed decisions to:

Reward active members
• Optimize your community strategy
• Turn passive followers into active community members
• and more! 

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What happens to my access to premium features after the free month?

Your free Fam Premium trial ends after one month, but don't worry! You'll still have access to Fam's core features. However, premium features like Leaderboards, Marketplace, and additional admin seats will be unavailable.

Want to keep the premium fun going? Subscribe to a paid plan or contact us to discuss an official partnership. We'd love to help your community thrive!

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How does the Marketplace work?

Empower your community with a dynamic rewards system! Fam lets you create custom rewards your members can redeem in your dedicated Marketplace. The more they engage, the more points they earn, allowing them to climb the Leaderboard and unlock these exciting rewards.

Here's how it works:

Create unique rewards:
Design personalized rewards that resonate with your community, like exclusive content, merchandise, or virtual currency.

Set redemption requirements: Determine the number of points needed to claim each reward, encouraging active participation.

Members earn points: Every interaction within your Fam contributes to their point balance, fostering engagement.

Rewards fuel the climb: As members acquire points, they ascend the Leaderboard, boosting competition and community spirit.Claiming the prize: Once members have enough points, they can redeem their desired rewards in the Marketplace, unlocking new perks and deepening their connection to the community.With Fam's rewards system, you can:Motivate and engage your members.Boost community participation and activity.Create a sense of loyalty and belonging.Unlock new revenue streams through exclusive content and merchandise.

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Pluto Misfits

Fam helped us show who the most engaged holders are, as before it was impossible to tell as I’m not going through each tweet and every message in Discord.

Pluto Misfits NFT
Kitten - Community Manager
Pudgy Penguins

Fam has been a game-changer for us Pudgy Penguins! The Map and Calendar features add this awesome layer of organization and excitement to our experience. I love it because it helps with onboarding newcomers, allowing them to explore in a fun way, while also keeping our core community well-connected.

Berko Pudgy Penguins
Berko - Community Manager

Working with the Fam team was a great experience for a social campaign with 5 projects on Polygon. The collaborative efforts really helped the Polygon NFT ecosystem through the use of the Fam platform.

Sm0key - Community Manager

Using Fam gave us a way to reward our holders for their loyalty and engagement with the BasedAF content.

Auli BasedAF
Auli - Brand Manager

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