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Based AF: Where fans and creators win together

Navigating the dynamic landscape of creator economies, Based AF found themselves at a turning point. The task at hand? Solving the practical challenge of rewarding loyalty within their community. Enter Fam—not just a platform but a strategic solution, transforming the dynamics of community engagement and creator loyalty for Based AF.

“Fam has helped explore ways to reward our community for their loyalty to the BasedAF brand in an objective way.”

Auli, Brand Manager

A commitment embodied by BasedAF since day one

Revolutionizing the Creator-Fan Relationship in the Web3 Era

BasedAF is a multimedia production company reshaping the creator-fan dynamic in the Web3 era. Stemming from the imbalances of traditional creator models, BasedAF introduces a paradigm where fans actively participate in the creator's success.

With a focus on high-impact, entertaining content, BasedAF experiments with Web3 concepts, sharing the spoils with fans through activations, NFTs, and community events. The company's debut, the BasedHeads NFT collection, became an instant hit, topping OpenSea's 24hr volume chart. As BasedAF explores new possibilities in the metaverse and beyond, their commitment to an epic fanbase and shared success sets them apart in the evolving landscape of creator economies.

Upholding Values in Every Interaction

At BasedAF, it's more than just talk – their commitment runs deep and touches everything they do. From day one, they've been all about the relationship  between creators and their community. This commitment isn't a quick promise that fades away; it's the solid rock that guides every move, from making decisions to creating content, and it shapes the whole vibe for both creators and fans alike.

Unlike traditional creator models that often prioritize individual gains, BasedAF understands that true success lies in a thriving and engaged community. This philosophy has been a driving force behind strategic decisions, content curation, and the seamless integration of initiatives with Fam, which bolsters the sense of shared success within the BasedAF community.

Unlocking community success with FamIn addressing BasedAF's challenge, Fam didn't just offer a solution; it sparked a community engagement revolution.

“The biggest problem and issue Fam fixed for us was to give us a way to reward our holders for their loyalty and engagement with the BasedAF content.”

Auli, Brand Manager

The introduction of Kwon Bucks, an innovative reward system by BasedAF, injected 35,000 Kwon Bucks into the hands of highly engaged and loyal BasedAF members, aptly known as BasedHeads. But Fam went beyond points; it introduced the Community Marketplace, a platform enabling BasedAF to recognize and reward their loyal members. Through this platform, BasedAF was able to reward 15 custom game assets for their upcoming Fortnite game release.

Every member became an active participant in a collective journey toward shared success and enjoyment, proving that Fam isn't just a tool; it's the driving force behind a new era of community connection and meaningful experiences.


The integration of Fam into BasedAF's community engagement strategy was straightforward and impactful. BasedAF utilizes Fam's Leaderboard and Marketplace features, which seamlessly became the cornerstone of BasedAF's approach, offering a practical and effective means of recognizing and appreciating the community's loyalty.

“The Leaderboard and Rewards feature together - both features together create a really cool loop to be able to reward your true fans.”

Auli, Brand Manager

The Leaderboard meticulously monitors engagement metrics across a spectrum of channels, including Twitter posts, Twitter Spaces, YouTube videos, Discord messages, and beyond. Meanwhile, the Marketplace empowers creators and brands to facilitate the redemption of digital assets, products, tickets, merchandise, and a myriad of other offerings for their loyal community members.


The tangible results speak volumes—150+ active Fam members, 35,000 Kwon Bucks granted, and 15 Fortnite assets rewarded. These metrics not only showcase the growth in community size but also highlight the success of Fam in engaging and rewarding BasedAF's most dedicated members.


Fam smoothly strengthened BasedAF's strategy, going beyond solving loyalty reward challenges—it transformed the creator-fan dynamic. The community is thriving, and members actively contribute to BasedAF's success. Fam's practical features turned hurdles into wins, providing useful insights for other creators looking to deepen their audience connection. The numbers make it plain—Fam isn't just a platform; it's a driving force for community growth.

What’s next?

Now that we've explored the journey of Based AF and Fam, it's time to dive into the details and share how you can start using Fam. Our Docs provide step-by-step guidance on leveraging Fam's features effectively. Whether you're a creator boosting community engagement or a brand reshaping loyalty rewards, Fam has you covered. From setting up your Fam to optimizing Leaderboard competitions, redeeming rewards in the Marketplace, to understanding nuanced metrics for the Leaderboard, our Docs ensure seamless navigation of the Fam platform.

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