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Getting started is so easy

Create your fam

Link your NFT collection, customize your fam, connect your socials... you know - all that fun stuff

Get your members in

Share your fam link with your members
and get the party started

Activate the hype

Host Leaderboard competitions, show off your Members Map, create redeemable rewards, and more

Incentivize your community with
zero friction.


Let your members show off their dedication, unlocking that powerful sense of status and belonging. Take member commitment to the next level, badge by badge.

Member Profiles

Engaged communities celebrate every voice. Member profiles highlight individual contributions, items, and achievements to connect members and facilitate meaningful peer discovery and bonding.

Leaderboard XP

Spotlight your community's biggest champions across platforms you already use. Members earn customizable points for engagement including social shares, event participation, Spaces attendance, and more.

Members Map

Get an instant snapshot of your geographic influence. Visualize your member distribution across cities, countries, and continents. Identify emerging pockets of members to guide targeted growth initiatives and in-person events.

Rewards Marketplace

Our Rewards marketplace lets members redeem hard-earned XP for exclusive rewards. Reward loyal members for prestige status. Flexible, DIY setup easily manageable for member redemption.

Token-gated fams

Unlock a premium community experience for your most invested members by token gating features and content. Require holding a specific NFT to automatically grant access to your special fam.

What they say about us

When trailblazing communities use our tools, the results speak volumes.

"Fam helped us show who the most engaged holders are, as before it was impossible to tell as I’m not going through each tweet and every message in Discord."

Community Manager

"Fam has been a game-changer for us Pudgy Penguins! I love it because it helps with onboarding newcomers, allowing them to explore in a fun way, while also keeping our core community well-connected."

Community Manager

"Using Fam gave us a way to reward our holders for their loyalty and engagement with the BasedAF content."

Brand Manager
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